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Gallo Cafe
курица карри, семейный ужин, скидки, акции в кафе, галло

New menu "Dinner"


Gallo Cafe invites all guests for dinner!
A new menu of Dinners is available every day after 5 pm.


Grilled Chicken with Home-style Potatoes and Mushrooms

Veal Burger
served with French fries

Gently Tenderized Grilled Veal
served with vegetable ratatouille

Mititei (minced meat sausages)
served with potato purée and BBQ sauce

Roasted Mackerel Fillet
served on crisp breads with vegetables


All Dishes are served with a half portion of Grilled Veal Salad or Chicken Fitness Salad.
All Dishes are served with 0,33L Craft Beer or Glass of Italian Wine.