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In the Gallo Cafe has already appeared craft beer Troubadour Brewery!

Chapeau Rouge Ale
 0.33L  _36 UAH
0.5L  _54 UAH

This beer is brewed from several types of malt: classic Pale Ale and caramel.
A blendof hops enriches the beer with fruity-spicy aroma with subtle notes of black currant and mint.
Alc - 6 Density - 14% IBU - 22.9

Troubadour Pilsner
0.33L  _33 UAH
0.5L  _50 UAH

Brewed from two varieties of Ukrainian barley malt.
Features warming aroma of spices, flowers and light bitterness of honey.
Alc - 6 /  Density  - 12% / IBUs  - 23.7


Our 1L take away beer offer:

Chapeau Rouge Ale   _84 UAH

Troubadour Pilsner   _80 UAH


Gallo Cafe



More information about the grades of kraft beer and information where you can try it on the site The Troubadour Brewery