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Craft Beer from the Troubadour Brewery

You have a unique opportunity to try a new direction in the beer industry - kraft beer! Craft beer is beer brewed at our mini brewery, which is brewed from traditional ingredients (barley, wheat, hops) with the addition of only natural products, without the use of an enhancer of smell and taste. This is the live beer that we cook at our Troubadour brewery creating new varieties of historical beer styles and creating new ones. Our beer is always unique and after each cooking has a new, interesting taste, which is sure to appeal to connoisseurs of a foamy drink. If you are tired of the usual taste and want to try something real, interesting and unusual, we invite you to try our beer. Now with us you can buy the famous IPA, Michigan Ale, and also Troubadour Pilsner. All this at affordable prices. Good beer for a good company. In addition, you can always take a bottle with you to surprise your guests!



You can drink Kraft beer in cafe our network:

Sport Cafe Buffalo 99
Odessa, Rishelyevskaya St 7

Friends and Beer
Odessa, Deribasovskaya St 9

Restaurant Troubadour
Odessa, Zhukovskogo St 13

More information about Kraft Beer is available
on the website of the Troubadour Crafts Brewery