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Gallo Cafe
новинки этого лета в кафе

New Dishes and Bar serve in the cafe from September 18

In autumn, you always want something special ... In the New Dishes and Bar from the Gallo Café you will find dishes and drinks for every taste! Bresaola (jerked beef), Mediterranean Bruschetta, Gallo Burger, Pasta Penne in Sauce of Sweet Tomatoes, New Cocktails Midori Sour & Black Betty


Free delivery when ordering from 250 UAH and other benefits of ordering dishes through delivery!

описание альт биггг

Craft Beer from the Troubadour Brewery

You have a unique opportunity to try a new direction in the beer industry - kraft beer! Kraft beer is beer brewed at our mini brewery, which is brewed from traditional ingredients (barley, wheat, hops) with the addition of only natural products